Ask Away Thursday: “I Need Potty Training Help”

Ask Away Thursday

Is it Thursday already? Wow. I seriously have been swamped and didn’t even realize it. You know what caught my attention though? This great Ask Away Thursday question that was submitted today!

It’s a topic that I get asked about a lot since I had my kids back to back. Once people find out they’re both fully potty trained I tend to get asked how did I manage to do it. I’ve been meaning to do a post about it, but for some reason I just never got around to it. Well, I have my chance now!

Let’s get right into it:

My three year old has no interest in the potty or being potty trained. How do I convince him to use it and give up the diapers? I’ve heard so many different methods, but I’m not sure which one to try?

Here’s my response:


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Ask Away Thursday: “My Kid Won’t Sleep Without Me”

Ask Away Thursday

This is our third Ask Away Thursday already! Eeek!

This series is going so well, and I’d like to take a minute to say thank you to all the awesome moms who send in questions for us to answer. I hope we’re helping.

Also, if you would like to have your question featured on Ask Away Thursday, please send us an email:

So, let’s get into today’s question:

How long did it take you to get your child to go to sleep by himself. My son is 6 and he always wants me to lie down with him at night. I have been doing it since he was 3 but thought he would grow out of it.

Here’s my response:


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White Lies All Parents Have Heard

white lies all parents have heard

When you were pregnant, you got a bunch of advice from people right?

Some of it useful and most of it useless…or to put it nicely, it wasn’t for you.

Fast forward to having a toddler…you get the same crap just repackaged from parents who have older kids. This trend continues to happen until they move out I assume. I’m only in the toddler/big kid stage so what do I know? People give you advice or tell you things and you begin to filter though it realizing that a lot of the stuff people keep saying over and over are lies.

All lies. Well…white lies.

Let me prove it to you.

White Lies All Parents Have Heard:


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Ask Away Thursday: “Don’t Pass My Baby Around”

It’s Ask Away Thursday again! We have another really interesting submission from a reader who needs help sorting out if she’s overreacting to having strangers hold her baby.

Let’s jump right into the Ask Away Thursday submission:

So I have a 6-month-old son who rarely gets to be around people other than family. On new year’s day, we went out with my parents to a friend of theirs house for dinner. I knew no one there but my parents. My mom was walking around with my son and the next thing you know someone else is holding him. Now 3 different people are in his face. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there contemplating how not go off on them for not asking if they could hold him or my mom for just giving him up so easily. Am I wrong for not wanting people to be all over my baby, touching his hands (which stay in his mouth, face, etc.)?

They could sense my uncomfortable vibe and handed my baby over to me and then had the nerve to tell me to take their numbers because they would love to babysit because he liked them. I kindly (probably not to them) told them that I’m picky, and it’s not up to my 6-month-old, I know what’s best for him and I still don’t know any of your names. Smh, it just really bothered me so when they left I told my mother that I don’t pass the baby around like a doll to strangers. Am I overreacting because he’s my firstborn?

Here’s my response:


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Serene Mom Confession: I’m a Lazy Mom

Lazy mom

I realize that being a lazy mom isn’t necessarily something that a parent would confess to these days.

No, not in the days of play dates, pre-school groups, and playground cliques. Yet and still…here I am in all of my lazy glory, and as you may have ascertained, I don’t even care.

I will proudly admit that I wear either black leggings or yoga pants for just about any occasion. I love sweat shirts in the winter and t-shirts in the summer. I don’t get all dressed up to take my kids out and I don’t feel bad standing next to the cute fitness mom who’s decked out in her Lulu Lemon. She may not be a lazy mom, but I am.

As usual with my confessions, I kinda figure that I’m not the only one out there. There have to be fellow lazy moms just begging for an advocate, a friend, someone who fully understands their laziness.

Well fellow lazy mom, I’m here.

This is why I consider myself a lazy mom by today’s standards:


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Mommy Motivation: Last Year’s Lessons in Motherhood

Lessons in motherhood

I couldn’t let January gallop by without mentioning all the lessons in motherhood that I’ve learned from 2015. Last year was wonderful, exciting, and full of ups and downs. I launched Serene Mom, I started trying for baby #3, I dealt with budget crises’, I watched my son turn 4 and my daughter turn 2. While everything that I learned wasn’t necessarily a lesson in motherhood, it all helped me to be a better mother based on what I’ve learned.

The beautiful thing about these lessons is they can be applied in most areas of my life, and hopefully they can be applied in most areas of yours as well.

Last Year’s Lessons in Motherhood:


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Paci-Weaning Update


If you’ve forgotten that I’ve been deep in the process of paci-weaning my daughter, Reagan…I’ll forgive you. It’s been a while.

I promised everyone an update on the progress of paci-weaning though and the day has come!

I am thoroughly excited to announce to you all that Reagan is completely paci-free now and it only took 4 weeks!

My method of taking her paci in small increments did exactly what I planned for it to do. It slowly, gently allowed her to get used to sleeping without it. I couldn’t be more proud of my little trooper. She handled everything like a pro, and we didn’t really have many rough nights. I’ve heard from so many people that I should just take her pacifier away and let her get used to it that way. I’ve had people tell me I was being too gentle, and that she would never let go of her paci if I wasn’t tough about it *insert eye roll here*. Luckily, I’ve yet to see a preteen still attached to the paci, so I knew she would give it up soon enough.

Here’s how paci-weaning went:


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Ask Away Thursday: “Someone Yelled at My Kid”

Ask away thursday

If you follow me on social media, then you’ll know that before my unintentional Winter break, I was asking moms to send in any parenting questions they wanted advice on. My tribe and I have started a super helpful advice post called Ask Away Thursday in order to give other moms a sense of community and to let mothers know that we get it even when it seems like nobody else does.

Also, there’s nothing better than getting advice from several different perspectives! We’re all moms, and we all want to help each other out. The best part? It’s totally anonymous. Nobody has to know your business. We don’t even have to know who you are if you don’t want us to.

We’ve been recruiting for Ask Away Thursday for a few weeks now, and just recently we received a submission that really piqued my interest.

Here’s the situation:

“I was at a birthday party recently and the host yelled at my daughter. My daughter was just standing close to the t.v. I didn’t say anything, but promptly got up and politely left the party. My husband said I should have said something, but the situation caught me off guard. How should I have handled the situation?”

Here’s my response:


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Totally Realistic January Goals

Totally realistic January goals

Since I’m anticipating January will be a slow month, a month to get back on track in the blogging world, I’ve decided not to overdo it with lofty goals that won’t really be accomplished. There will be no “grow my readership by 100+” goals for this month.

I’m setting totally realistic goals this month and I will celebrate with wine when I cross them off of my list. That’s just how I roll.

I’m learning that in motherhood, and personal life that celebrating the small victories is just as important as celebrating the big ones. It’s a lesson that I’m also trying to teach my kids.

Here’s a tip: While I know most of us will be busy carving out goals for this month, have you considered helping your child make their own goals each month? It could be something as simple as mastering a new chore or sharing more. Write it down, put it on their wall and take steps to complete the goal(s) every day.Then at the end of the month you both can celebrate and uplift each other!

Here are my totally realistic January goals:


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Improve Productivity With These 4 Things

Improve Productivity

I don’t know if you’ve been following along lately, but I’ve been kinda MIA from blogging.

I haven’t posted in an obscene amount of time, and I still haven’t peeped at my analytics to see how hard I was hit due to my recent bout of overwhelmedness (that is absolutely not a word, but work with me here). I wouldn’t even call this blogger burnout, because I missed my blog. I wanted to get back to it and post away, but my attention was being pulled in a million different directions. At any given time during December I was doing the following:

  • Stopping my kids from killing each other
  • Budgeting money so that Christmas shopping didn’t kill our accounts
  • Baking copious amounts of cookies and cakes
  • Working out the logistics of opening an Etsy store
  • Receiving my first orders for my baked goods

With all that going on, I admittedly placed Serene Mom on the back burner to get other things done. After a while though, I found myself struggling to be organized and productive. Everything was just a big blur, especially after Christmas! I barely knew what day of the week it was most of the time.

At some point during the Winter break, my productivity got drunk and wandered off somewhere without me.

However, I’m back now! I’ve managed to reign in my productivity and get her sobered up, now she’s ready to work. It wasn’t without some help though!

If you’ve been struggling with your drunken productivity as well, then please read this list. It will help you focus and get back on track!

How I Managed to Improve Productivity With These 4 Things:


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